Natural Data Processing (NDP) and Artificial Beings (AB): a model based on the unification of concepts based on nature

There is nothing new in realizing that humans interact with the environment using intelligence, senses and movement/action. The greatest novelty of the last decades is the desire of these same beings to create machines that emulate themselves or, even, artificially replicate this interaction. Obviously, we are talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics. Thus, there […]

Turing: A New Programming Language in the Robot Age

I introduce a new programming language, based on the interaction with robots and/or ChatBots, which makes its syntax and programming extremely simple, allowing even a child to develop a program in Turing. The name of the language is a tribute to the great scientist Alan Turing, considered by many as the father of Artificial Intelligence. […]

If Artificial Intelligence is water, natural is wine

Yes, it is true, we dreamed one day to create intelligence as intelligent as that of men, but I think that if Artificial Intelligence is water, natural is wine, and this difference is translated today in the most varied concepts and adjectives created by the most renowned experts, as narrow and general intelligence, weak and […]

Analyzing the chaotic markets

In the Capital Market, and in much of the Financial Market, most indicators that somehow analyze entropy seek to do this focused on volatility. I do not think this approach is wrong at all, since volatility can really help to identify chaotic markets, but the problem is that we need a lot of more information […]