If Artificial Intelligence is water, natural is wine

Yes, it is true, we dreamed one day to create intelligence as intelligent as that of men, but I think that if Artificial Intelligence is water, natural is wine, and this difference is translated today in the most varied concepts and adjectives created by the most renowned experts, as narrow and general intelligence, weak and strong, etc.

Undoubtedly, if producing wine is something unique, imagine doing it only from the water.

And this seems to me a big challenge to our intelligence, as a species in evolution.

However, despite this reality, the market is flooded with offers of wines, or hypes, if you prefer, of the most varied qualities.

However, will we, one day, really be able to create wines?

If the answer is yes, perhaps the best way to do this is to initially recognize our distance from this singular possibility, which can not be measured only in time, as some try to do.

For example, and now more pragmatically, our algorithms are focused on modeling learning that leads us to increasingly value data, but I see this capability only as an evolution in the representation of information, largely copying how our brains do it .

However, if the learning of representation allows us to create water, this does not mean that we find the formula for the learning of reasoning, or even of consciousness, which are examples of great barriers to the understanding of our mind.

And, as I said in other articles, I think science is stuck to the same models of the past, where we believed that our planet was the center of the universe.

In this way, I think that our challenge to seek wine also involves thinking about the possibility of modeling the mind not only as a product of the brain but also the opposite, creating more and more cognitive architectures without paradigms.
Rogerio Figurelli – @ 2018-11-29


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