About Artificial Intelligence

My definition of Artificial Intelligence? Thinking systems.

After a long winter, Artificial Intelligence is walking, step by step, to a new domain: the Artificial General Intelligence.

And some people name this as a Singularity Age, where machines will be more intelligent than people, to general subjects, and not just narrow ones, like today, and we are not sure that this will be good, or bad, to us, humans.

So, what is the real risk, to our evolution, if we create more and more automatic and autonomous systems, i.e., evolve AI (Artificial Intelligence) to AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)?

Or, in other words, AI evolution is good or bad to our evolution?

In my opinion, on creating AGI, we are just seeing/copying nature in some sense, and what happens inside our brain system, i.e., Cortex (cognitive tasks, etc.) x Cerebellum (automatic tasks, like breath, drive, etc.), as far as we know.

In other words, based on my proposed Equation to Wisdom (W = I ^ C), as AI is not AC (Artificial Consciousness) and AGI is not AGC, or Artificial General Consciousness/Self-consciousness (the C of my equation), all we are creating is intelligent machines (I).

Indeed, nature is wise enough to don’t leave on our hands the art and knowledge, or even, the magic, of creating self-consciousness machines.

Anyway, we have the power to create some very high level of ‘artificial’ C, like using IoT to do this, that we can’t compare with our ‘live’ C, based on self-consciousness, instead of on dreams. And, the wisdom of nature is that this reality about C is the same about W, or wisdom, since C empowers the intelligence of the machine, as I propose in my equation, to address the problem of measure people/machines/etc. wisdom.

Actually, we have just dreamed about that, and Singularity hype is a famous dream example (my opinion).

And even Alan Turing just asked “Can machines think?” and not “Can machines be self-consciousness?”. By the way, a giant and genial question for 1950 years, that answer is so true today.

So, Artificial Intelligence and AGI are very relevant to our ‘wise’ evolution, despite the fact that we can use it on the wrong side. But this depends just on our Consciousness/Self-consciousness, and Wisdom.

In this sense, note that the number of neurons in the human brain is at about 85 billion, and, just in the cerebellum, 70 billion, i.e., most of the time absolutely unconscious tasks. And Machine Learning applications are improving it (the automatic side) outside of our brain, what is a great opportunity to we dedicate our mind to relevant Cortex tasks, like creativity and collective intelligence, just to instance some of them.

But, don’t forget that, a great airplane pilot who has piloted hundreds of airplanes, with each new plane, keeps evolving, correct?

And, maybe, our mind is the pilot, and the brain is the airplane, and the best AI/AGI machines we can create, just the best autopilots!


Rogerio Figurelli – @2017-11-22