About Robotics

My definition of Robots? Autonomous systems.

In my opinion, more than 90% of the future AI Robots will be just intelligent cloud platforms or Artificial Robots — as I prefer to refer to such type of robot – without or emulating physical parts, like just Real Robots have. Some examples of such Artificial Robots are Web Crawlers, Chatbots, Trading Robots, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Robots, Cognitive Platforms (like IBM Watson, Google Mind, etc.), Personal Assistants, etc.

Anyway, maybe the great AI business models and opportunities are regarding hybrid Robots (Real + Artificial), with high levels of collective intelligence, like an Autonomous Car with a Chatbot to interact with other Robots, for instance, the Artificial Robot chat in real-time with one restaurant or mall to check some relevant information to advise the Real Robot, i.e., the car.

What other Real, Artificial or Hybrid Robots can you imagine for the future, or you would like to have or build?


Rogerio Figurelli – @2017-09-15